Type A flexible coupling

TheType A flexible shaft coupling is designed to protect critical drive train components including shafts, gears, gaskets and bearings.  The one piece, nylon ply reinforced moulded rubber element provides solutions for angular, parallel and inflow misalignment issues. Its simplicity in design and installation reduces operating costs by allowing the rubber element to be installed on misaligned shafts, while also protecting process equipment by damping shock loads and shaft-to-shaft vibrations.


  • Rubber: One piece, non-lubricated elastomeric rubber element
  • Configurations: Blank bore, finished bore and key way, taper lock bushing, integral hub, spacer assembly, floating shaft, axial hub
  • Cost saving: Visual inspection is all that’s required to determine a coupling’s operational condition
  • Sizes: 34 different sizes: A-20 thru A400
  • Torque range: Nominal torque up to 168,750 Nm
  • Industry applications: Metal forming, pulp and paper, oil and gas, waste water, transportation

Technical information

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