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Expanding Air Clutches & Brakes

Gummi Expanding Clutches and Brakes are drum-type elements that expand radially towards the inner diameter of the drum when pressurized. The outward expansion of the rubber heavy-duty nylon cord reinforced neoprene tube thrusts friction shoes against the inner diameter of the drum surface. The rate at which the air tube is pressurized directly affects the rate at which the torque increases. Final tube pressure determines the element’s overall torque capacity.


The FKE type element is well suited as a clutch or a brake in applications with light starting and stopping loads.  Essentially, the FKE is the expanding version of the FK element.


The FKR type element is very much like a coupling, as it utilizes a neoprene rubber facing that engages the ID of the drum directly without the need for friction material.

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