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Disc Clutches

WPTGummi USA offers a complete line of Disc Clutches manufactured by WPT Power Corporation.   The Power Grip PO Clutch is designed to accommodate in-line mounting for heavy-duty power transmission applications.


  • Plate separators and oversize release springs insure positive mechanical plate separation.
  • No adjustments for the life of the friction material, as the diaphragm compensates for wear
  • All clutches come standard with mechanical lockup features for emergency use
  • Large diaphragm actuator provides for more torque and minimizes release drag.
  • Retained springs within the plate separator allow for easier servicing.
  • Quick Release valves are included on all clutches
  • 1, 2 or 3 Plate Constructions
  • Sizes:  PO114, PO214, PO314, PO118, PO218, PO318, PO124, PO224, PO324, PO230, PO330
  • Interchangeability:  Twin Disc® PO Type Clutches

Technical Catalog & Engineering Data

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Technical Catalog


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