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Type BR Flexible Coupling

The Type BR Flexible Shaft Coupling is designed for high-torque applications and transmissions. Although it resembles its predecessor, the Type A coupling, the BR has a more compact design and better operational efficiency, yet with similar dimensions to rigid and semi-rigid couplings found on the market today.


  • Rubber: One piece, non-lubricated elastomeric rubber element
  • Configurations: Blank Bore, Finished Bore and Key Way, Taper Lock Bushing, Integral Hub, Spacer Assembly, Floating Shaft, Axial Hub
  • Cost Saving: Visual Inspection without disassembly is all that is required to determine a coupling’s operational condition
  • Sizes: 8 different sizes: BR-100 thru BR-320
  • Torque Range: Nominal Torque: up to 250.000 Nm
  • Industry Applications: Metal Forming, Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas, Waste Water, Transportation

Technical Catalog & Engineering Data

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