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Constricting Air Clutches & Brakes

Gummi Constricting Clutches and Brakes are drum-type elements that radially engage the outer diameter of a drum when pressurized.The inward expansion of the rubber nylon cord-reinforced air tubeforces the element’s friction shoe assemblies against the outer diameter of the drum’s surface. The rate at which the air tube is pressurized directly affects the rate at which the torque increases.

FKType FK Constricting Air Clutches / Brakes

The FK type element is well suited as a clutch or brake for a wide variety of general power transmission applications.

FKTType FKT Constricting Air Clutches / Brakes

TheFKT is designed principally for heavy-duty applications where extreme clutching and braking is required.

FMType FM Constricting Air Clutches / Brakes

The FM marine element is designed for use on diesel-driven reduction gears, where consistent engagement under varying conditions is required.

DXType DX Constricting Air Clutches / Brakes

The DX element’s unique constricting clutch design was created for the exclusive use of National Oil well ® branded draw works to accommodate heavy loads and repeated engagements during the drilling process.

LTType LT Constricting Air Clutches / Brakes

The LT elements are designed and manufactured to be similar to both the FK and FKT elements in form and function, and are used primarily on drilling equipment manufactured in China, Russia, and Romania.

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