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Caliper Disc Brakes

Gummi USA offers a comprehensive line of Caliper Disc Brakes manufactured by Dellner Brakes.  The  “STL-System” is a multifunction braking unit all contained in one customer interface.   This system offers you one or several of three functions;

Stopping: Dellner Brakes’ hydraulic or electric disc brakes caliper effectively handle the stopping operation required.

Turning: Mechanical linkages with hydraulic cylinders or electric motors position the disc brake. Together with an intelligent control system, which can turn or index the shaft- without the need for other turning devices.

Locking: The locking device LM has specially designed tapered pin that is engaged into machine slots on the out peripheral of the brake disc.  This mechanically locks the shaft in place. The LM-devicecan be operated manually, hydraulically or electrically.


  • Modular Disc Braking System for stopping, holding, or emergency and parking brake applications
  • Spring Applied – Hydraulic Pressure Released
  • Standard or customized mounting brackets
  • Various pressure supply options
  • Applications: Oilfield Top Drives, Propulsion Shaft Brakes, Grinding & Ball Mills, Conveyors, Wind Mills, Dredgers, CP Thrusters, Wood Chippers
  • Models: SKD35, SKD50, SKD65, SKD80, SKD90, SKD100, SKD4x100, SKD4x125
  • Models: SKP50, SKP95, SKP140, SKP220
  • Interchangeability:  Eaton Airflex ® 200DPA

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