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Our Team

Edgar Roca

Founder & President

Founding partner who built Gummi USA from ground up via a grass roots approach, based on creating customer loyalty quote-by-quote and order-by-order. When he’s not traveling in support of the Gummi USA sales channels, you will find him to talking to customers and vendors alike, and even loading a truck to make sure that time-critical shipment out the door – day or night. With over 16 years of touring the world’s oilfields, mines, marine dry docks, and manufacturing facilities – he understands first-hand what each of his customers need and how they need it.

Additional Info:

  • BS in International Marketing form Texas Christian University
  • Always looking for a good game of golf
  • Continues to pile on the those Frequent Flyer miles

Edgar Roca Sr.

Founder & Vice President

A self-made success story after immigrating to the USA from Bolivia over 47 years ago, ‘Senior’, as he is known, epitomizes the true essence of the American dream and entrepreneurial spirit. After leading several projects and companies of his own, including supplying the oil reach sands of Saudi Arabia and the offshore industry in the Mexican Gulf Coast — you could say he’s been around the block a time or two. With a keen focus on business management, it is always full steam ahead as he walks around the offices and warehouse, making sure each inquiry is being attended to, and every envelope is stamped.

Additional Info:

  • BS in management from Louisiana State University graduate
  • Can play racquetball with the best of them
  • Passionate about ‘Futbol’

Jeff Sistrunk

Gulf Coast Sales Consultant

Having spent the better part of the last ten years being “the man” on the ground for companies servicing the drilling industry, Jeff see’s all the customers he serves as friends, and not just clients. During this time, Jeff has developed a great understanding of the various equipment and applications in the drilling, marine and industrial sectors. Having covered the oil and gas plays in the states of North Dakota, Louisiana, Texas and Pennsylvania, he is adept on developing custom clutch and brake solutions for each and everyone of his customers.

Additional Info:

  • BS in Secondary Education from Oklahoma Baptist College
  • Enjoys the skill full art of woodwork making custom furniture
  • Heavily involved in his local ministry

Agapito “Pete” Casanova

Inside Sales Representative and Logistics Coordinator

A 20 year veteran of the US Marine Corps, Pete know what it takes to create solutions for Gummi USA’s broad spectrum of customers close to home and in far off lands. After specializing in Logistics and Transportation for the US Marines in places as far as Okinawa – Japan, Pete is our point man on the ground, making sure all shipments are being packaged, shipped, routed and tracked according to each one of our customers specifications.

Additional Info:

  • Husband and father of four
  • One of the first people into the office, and usually the last to leave
  • Always up for a conversation about sports and his beloved Dallas Cowboys

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